Blok Beton

Photo Jan de Groen

Blok Beton is a performance resulting in a sculpture where I filled a mold with concrete. The stage was set as pleasant gathering for the neighboorhood, with fire, blankets and hot drinks. While filling the mold Jordy Walker sampled the sounds made by the mills into a super-real soundtrack. After two days the concrete was hard enough to remove the wood and was ready for what this whole exercize was about:
The decicion if the work was welcome in the neigboorhood or should be destroyed. We put all the individual adresses from the neigboorhood in a bucket – picking out a random address and ring the doorbell and invite the person opening to make a decision. After some houses and offices we found Mrs Gina Riedewald to put a thumb up or down.

Commissioned by TENT Rotterdam and Kunstblock – Coolstof 2018

Please check out the video made by Joey Smith

Thanks to: Mrs. Gina Riedewald, Jordy Walker, Aannemingsbedrijf Mostert BV and Leonie Rip, Esther de Leeuwe, Stanley van de Meer, Menno Verhoef, Lise Sinnbeck and Gemeente Rotterdam

Jordy Walker and Stanley van de Meer (photos Jan de Groen)

Photo Coolstof

Photos Jan de Groen