After exhibiting the 47 isolators at JOEY RAMONE in 2022, I got the question, why is it not one work?  The answer was simple, because I wasn’t done with it. BUt even though I wasn’t done, it was also not the same. I wanted to go bigger, I wanted to see more of the wood, of the tree it once was. These works are made with a chainsaw, chisels, axes, crowbars, grinder, sanding machines and any tool I could get my hands on.

Walnut isolator 2022 – the one I planted as a kid and cut done in 2021
The middle: Willow 2023, from the garden of Michiel van Abbe in Rotterdam

The one on the left is a longer story: When cutting down the walnut tree, I suddenly had a lot of wood, more than I could imagine I would ever use. Menno Verhoef, with whom I worked on previous projects also works with wood and has a van. I made the deal he would get the big trunk. After making many things with the walnut wood, my stock was running low and I wanted to work bigger. Menno did not start working on his trunk yet. But a deal is a deal, so it was his. Thankfully he agreed that we could trade it, if I was able to find a proper replacement. On an auction website  I found a proper replacement and after winning the bid, I decided to see if I could buy some odd pieces of wood: this one is red iron wood. 2023

The one on the right is one of the 47 that I changed.

Bilinga 2022