Casting #2 #4 #5

The second casting, but the first with this kind of furnace. Casting #2 is an integrated aluminum melting furnace dedicated to Homo faber. I stack a big pile of wood with an aluminum core above a mold and light the wood from above. The wooden stack will burn from the inside out and melt the aluminum so it will fall into the mold. Homo faber is a research and development project funded by CBK Rotterdam.

Casting #2 happened at ‘3D-zine’ at Foundation B.A.D. during Charlois Speciaal. July 2016

Casting #4 making lava

Registration of the 4th integrated melting furnace, filled with rocks to make lava, in the garden of Foundation B.a.d Rotterdam.
thank to   research and development grant.


Casting #5


Casting #5 Experimenting with the furnace – melting aluminum and a test with reducing low quality iron ore, found on the beach near The Hague (that experiment wasn’t successful – no iron) January 2017