Into Nature: New Energy – Bargerveen NL 2021

Curated by Sanne Morserink and Hans den Hartog Jager

Drone picture by Nico Westerhof

When exploring the Bargerveen I was searching for a place where I could find as many as possible influences and traces in the landscape from the different uses over time. In the middle of the area – which was also the hardest place to reach – I found a place where the peat mining, recreational paths and tracks made by sheep and wildlife were crossing and overlapping each other. And more came during the preparations, Staatsbosbeheer build a new sand path crossing the area, and during the work plowed over some of the landscape.

For Prospecting we created a network of paths, made out of pine wood slats which connected every traceable influence. In the construction we follow the landscape and tried to link them all together in a big interlinking network. Every trace got its own kind of path based on the forms in the landscape and where they intersected we formed small complex intersection resulting in a 70 by 70 meter network.

For construction I had a lot of help and it became more and more aparrant how important that help was: their handwriting became an intergraded part of the work.