Puin Tuin


Sander Zweerts de Jong called me and he had in interesting proposal. With a group of people they started ‘Buitenplaats Brienenoord’ a place focussed on the future – for everybody with some interest in that future. The old building that was there had already been taken down and work had been started on the foundation of the new building, mainly build with recycled materials and repurpused bits of the old building, but there was one huge problem – there was no use for the a lot of the old rubble – over a 100 tons! – and to get rid of it was pretty much impossible. Maybe I had an idea what to do with it.

There was little money but a lot of volunteers – after some thinking I came up with a plan – although that might not be the best word for it, it was more that I designed a method how to handle the rubble and use it to its full potential. So we started with building a wall around the terrain – on the island walks a group of scottisch cows and they would love to eat everything in the garden, and at the same time it resulted in a big habitat for lots of little critters. Pretty much all the choices we made followed the same basic rules: get rid of the rubble and find a usefull fuction, or even better, more functions. At this moment we are in at the halfway stage, the wall is build, some boxes for plants created and a sort of outdoor class room made. Now we have to wait for the building to be in a further stage before continueing, together with Ronald and Jonmar from ‘de Onkruidenier’ for the ‘living’ part of the garden. 2017 – …

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